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We proudly serve a different town every day in
North Central Kansas, North West Kansas, & South Central Nebraska! 

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Nice to meet you! We are Kissy and Kevin Beeson, proud founders and owners of ParadiseEats, where we understand that it’s more than just enjoying food. We get a thrill out of creating crazy-delicious combinations of culinary goodness that makes our tummy’s squeal with glee!


We were founded in 2018 after Kissy and her mother set out to purchase our first trailer for the business. All odds were stacked against us as we faced a year of hardships in 2017: Kissy not only lost her father in April, but also suffered major injuries from a car accident in October. She endured broken vertebraes in her neck & lower back, multiple broken ribs, a broken shoulder & hand, as well as losing her beloved dog, (NAME).






ParadiseEats was created and themed in memoriam to Kissy’s father, who wasn’t able to travel due to his dedication to his livestock & crops on his farm. Though he wasn’t able to witness it for himself, he always had a saying:

"Paradise is just a state of mind, it isn't always a destination."

Life is what we make of it, so make it your paradise. Both of us being native Kansan Foodies, we believe we can make this true through our meals we serve. After facing the travesties we have, we understand that life is short and all we can do is take a leap of faith. Our leap has landed us in an industry unknown to Kevin, yet exhilarating as we serve North Central Kansas, NW Kansas, and South Central Kansas.

We have met some INCREDIBLE people and we look forward to meeting and working with YOU soon!
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We are available for fairs, festivals, corporate events, weddings, holiday parties & more! Let us create a custom menu for your special event to make it all the more memorable!